Meet Dr Sanchoy Sarkar

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist
Honorary Senior Lecturer
FRCP. PhD. MBchB. BSc(hons)

Dr Sanchoy Sarkar
Dr Sanchoy SarkarConsultant Gastroenterologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr Sanchoy Sarkar is a UK trained Consultant Gastroenterologist for over 15 years. He is currently a consultant advanced endoscopist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Clinical Director of Bowel Cancer Screening in Liverpool and Wirral.

The Royal Liverpool is one of the most prestigious departments for gastroenterology in the UK, and 1 of only 3 national endoscopy training centres in the UK.  He has a tertiary referral practice as a therapeutic endoscopist and bowel cancer screening colonoscopist. His skills include upper GI advanced therapeutics, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), ERCP and advanced colonoscopy including level 4 polypectomy/EMR and colonic stenting. He is one of the few endoscopists that can perform confocal microlaser endoscopy in the UK.

Teaching and training is very high on Dr Sarkar’s passions as a faculty member of the Mersey School of Endoscopy. He is an accredited mentor for new consultants within the trust with the mentorship IML level 3 certification.

Dr Sarkar was previously the director of endoscopy  in two of the busiest endoscopy units in the UK, initially at Aintree hospital and then at the Royal Liverpool Hospital for 14 years. During this time he developed services, new ways of working and innovation.

As clinical director of Liverpool and Wirral bowel cancer screening centre, he is responsible for delivering colonoscopy and bowel scope screening for catchment population of over 800,000. The centre is one of highest performing screening centres in the UK. He was appointed as a Professional Clinical Advisor for the regional Quality Assurance North West of England Team.

He is a core member gastroenterologist of the regional Early rectal cancer MDT and local colorectal MDT an, is one of the three endoscopists that perform complex polyp removal and rectal cancer staging in Merseyside and Cheshire.

Dr Sarkar runs a specialist clinic within the NHS  in upper GI disease and motility disorders, including unresponsive dyspepsia, noncardiac chest pain and oesophageal motility disorders. He ran a specialist liver clinic whilst at Aintree Hospital and is an experienced endoscopist in managing complex hepatobiliary pancreatic cases with ERCP and EUS.

Other national role includes being  one of only 10 Lead JAG assessors appointed by the Royal College of Physician in April 2014. This is to lead a team of assessors on CQC standard inspection of endoscopy units throughout the UK that seek JAG accreditation.

Dr Sarkar has a strong track record in research with PhD and BSc in physiology and pain mechanisms and I have published over 40 peer reviewed papers and he is an honorary Senior Lecturer at Liverpool University.

Dr Sarkar is a member of the following professional bodies

  • General Medical Council (GMC) and Specialist Register

  • British Medical Council (BMA)

  • Medical Defence Union (MDU)

  • British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG)

  • European Society of Gastro-Intestinal Endoscopy (ESGE)

Dr Sarkar has not only a medical degree, but also a Ph.D in GI Science and a BSc (hons) in Physiology. Listed below are his qualifications and certifications

  • Kingsfund Leadership Programme – 01.19

  • Mentorship Award ILM Level 3 – 7.2013

  • Clinical Leadership- Foundation Certificate – 11.2011

  • Clinical Excellence Award – Level 7

  • FRCP- Royal College of Physcians – 07.2008

  • Advanced Colonoscopy Accreditation – 09.2006

  • CCST in GIM/Gastroenterology – 08.2003

  • Ph.D in GI Science – University Manchester – 03.2000

  • MRCP (UK)- Royal College of Physicians – 07.1996

  • MB.ChB-Medicine – University of Manchester – 07.1993

  • BSc (hons) -Physiology –University of Manchester – 07.1990

In addition to being a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist, Dr Sarkar also holds the following positions of responsibility

Advanced Endoscopist and Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital

Clinical Director of Bowel Cancer Screening for Liverpool & Wirral Services

Honorary Senior Lecturer of Liverpool University

Professional Clinical Advisor for Quality Assurance of Bowel Screening North-West of England

Lead Assessor for JAG- Royal College of Physicians

Faculty of the Mersey School of Endoscopy

Bowel Cancer Screening Accreditation Committee

Regional Specialist Early Rectal Cancer MDT member

Colorectal Rectal Cancer MDT Member at Royal Liverpool

Regional Complex Polyp MDT member

Formerly Director of Endoscopy of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aintree University Hospital

Formerly Deputy Programme Director of Gastroenterology Training- Mersey Deanery

Dr Sarkar has published widely in many peer review journals including The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Gastroenterology and GUT. He has presented his research in a multitude of national and international medical conferences. His current research gate score is 41.60 and h-index 15

Full Papers

1. Bond A , Burkitt MD, Cox T, Smart HL, Probert C, Haslam N, Sarkar S: Dual-focus Magnification, High-Definition Endoscopy Improves Pathology Detection in Direct-to-Test Diagnostic Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. J Gastrointestin Liver Dis. 2017 Mar;26(1):19-24

2. Gaglia A, Sarkar S Evaluation and long-term outcomes of the different modalities used in colonic endoscopic mucosal resection. Ann Gastroenterol. 2017;30(2):145-151.

3. Bond A, O’Toole P, Fisher G, Subramanian S, Haslam N, Probert C, Cox T, Sarkar S: New-Generation High-Definition Colonoscopes Increase Adenoma Detection when Screening a Moderate-Risk Population for Colorectal Cancer. Clin Colorectal Cancer. 2017 Mar;16(1):44-50

4. A. Bond & S. Sarkar. How can we Improve Adenoma Detection Rate. Current Colorectal Cancer Reports. Jan 2016. P1-9

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Case Reports

36. C.Ormerod, D.White, S.Sarkar, S.Lal. Gastric ulcers and swollen kidneys: A rare diagnosis complicating Crohn’s Disease. BMJ Case Rep. 2010 Sep 7;2010.

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Book Chapters

43. K. Davis, C. Bushnell, I. Strigo, G. Duncan, C. Kwan, N. Diamant, S. Sarkar, L. Gregory, Q. Aziz. Imaging Visceral Sensations. Proceedings of the 10th Congress of pain; Edited by J. Dostrovsky, D. Carr, M. Koltzenburg. 2004

44. C Musumba and S Sarkar: Advances in Endoscopy. Recent Advances in Gastroenterology Vol.12 edited by Professor Chris Probert 2013.

Published Letters

45. S.Sarkar: Author’s reply to ‘A clinical case of delayed caecal perforation’ . S Sarkar Gut 2009;58:1170-1171

46. S.Sarkar & Paul O’Toole: Author’s Reply to ‘The use of Gelofusin for Endoscopic Mucosal Resection; Gut 2010;59:1447

47. K.Bodger, K.Bowering, S.Sarkar, E.Thompson, Pearson. Authors Reply on Post ERCP mortality and Provider; GIE 2012,75 (5); 1119-2

Our Story

Below gives the timeline of our practice

Dr Sanchoy Sarkar Online

“I was nervous! It was easy – very professional with the right touch of empathy.”

5th July 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“The service I received from Dr Sarkar was excellent. The appointments were conveniant for me. There was sufficient time for me to discuss my concerns and agree to the suggested investigations. The gastroscopy and colonoscopy that I had which were carried out by Dr Sarkar went very smoothly. The service I received was first class.”

28th June 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“From my initial consultation with Dr Sarkar to my endoscopy, I felt assured and relaxed about the procedure (having heard so many disturbing reports from friends). I can only compliment Dr Sarkar for his superb professionalism in every respect. I would never again be afraid if I had to undergo further investigation under his care. The procedure was carried out by Dr Sarkar and his team whilst I was under sedation and was not in any way uncomfortable or caused me any distress. I can only add two words – thank you.”

27th June 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Michael Broom

“Very pleased with treatment. Excellent sedation procedure.”

21st June 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“I have appreciated the very prompt appointment service for both consultation and examinations required. I found all staff, clinical and administrative alike to be pleasant, helpful, friendly and professional. I found no adverse effects and the examinations were both thorough and made as comfortable as possible. I found Dr Sarkar to be of the utmost consideration, skilled and professional. Results were explained thoroughly and clear advice given. I like Dr Sarkar and would consult again if necessary with confidence.”

May 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


May 2019

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

P E Berger

“Very efficient service and care at the hospital”

May 2019

Service – ★★★★★

Philip Taylor

“Brilliant Service”

Service – ★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★

W Chambers

“Dr Sanchoy Sarkar is a friendly, approachable consultant who gave a good overview of his diagnosis, offered additional details where necessary. He made the procedure itself relaxed and as easy as possible. He was calm, professional and offered explanations throughout the procedure. An excellent all round service. ”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Victoria Spurole

“Mr Sarkar provided excellent quick consultations. Procedure was quick and painless. Would Highly Recommend. ”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

H Bennet

“Seen on time. Good Communication felt given time to answer questions”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Mr Williams

“Excellent service for preparation and surgery’”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Mrs Woan

“I find Dr Sarkar extremely adept at giving you confidence in what he is doing. Explaining where necessary as the procedure proceeds. I cannot believe his expertise could be improved upon. This this my second experience with Dr Sarkar and I appreciate his approach’”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Kenneth Merrett

“I was treated very courteously by Dr Sarkar and the staff at Spire Liverpool. I am very grateful that my treatment was organized so quickly. Thank you so much Dr Sarkar. I can’t believe how much better I feel after being treated so quickly by the staff at the Royal Hospital.”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

M Pearson

“Dr Sarkar is a terrific professional. He explains all of the issues clearly and sensitivity. I have absolute faith in him. The procedure was very professional and carried out with minimum fuss”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Anthony Coyne

“The procedure adopted by Dr Sarkar saved me from having to undergo bowel surgery. Skills were immaculate”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“I have rated the overall service as 5 stars because everything was explained exactly what to expect. I was dealt in a professional manor. The procedure was quick and painless with thanks to all who carried out the procedure.”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

S. Chadwick

“Service Excellent. Was able to see the consultant quickly and have the procedure quickly. All the staff was very nice and reassuring. The only minor negative was that I was sent something via email with a secure link and I was not able to open this on my computer so I never read it. Procedure was very comfortable. No negatives to the procedure I experienced, was able to have the procedure quickly with no discomfort Felt Dr Sarkar was very approachable and professional. Thank you”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Lucy Wigley

“Excellent care. Considerable time taken due to nature of the procedure, diagnosis and anxiety.Procedure- absolutely excellent. Put at ease. Procedure was painless and very little discomfort if any.”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★

Veronica Jones

“5 start service and speedy treatment.Consultant Mr Sarkar very professional and puts you at ease. Treatment options and procedure fully explained which helps a great deal at the consultation stage. Would highly recommend Mr Sarkar. Procedure- excellent. Endoscopy suite team were brilliant. Procedure over in 10 minutes. Sedation was great- no recollection of anything. If you have any worries about this procedure, please don’t worry- very safe hands looking after you!”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“Mr Sarkar provided excellent, quick consultations. I would highly recommend.”

Service – ★★★★★
Procedure – ★★★★★


“Dr Sarkar was very professional and courteous. I was treated with kindness and sensitivity during a very difficult time.”

Service – ★★★★★

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